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First of all - congratulations,

you're going to get married!

A really cool adventure is on its way! !

I want to provide you the photos which show the essential of your day. To achieve this goal, I have to know you a little of bit better.

So don't hesitate to slip into your message all the détails that you juge could be important to describe your couple, your peronalities, your desires or even your inspirations. 

Everything which sounds like you.

Tell me your love story, hiw did you guys meet. 

Get me into your univers & establish the trust between is are both essentail basis to create the photos which resemble you in 100%.

The kind of weddings that I love the most are those which are bundle of emotions. Those which are creative, intimate and, above everything else, which reflect both of you.

Starting from the first mail exchange to the d day, I'll guide you in setting up the photos. I'll help you to decide which moment is the best for the group or couple photos. I always try to stay as discreet as possible during the whole day, to fade into the background in order to capture all the moments, the big &  the small ones.

I don't want to be just a simple vendor with a camera but also to share this special day with you. So you can count on me not just in photographing your wedding.

I advise, I listen, I guide,

I have always a tissues with me, quite a lot of intuition & prior exeperience in the field of weddings (the ex-bride-talking ;)),

I can turn into an interpreter if necessary

(Polish, French & English (Spanish one day ;))!

and perhaps I suck a bit at telling jokes but I know a hundreds of  anecdotes which have a magic power of lighten up.

If after this small summary of my way of working you still think I'm the good person to photograph you special day, don't hesitate to contact me.

Ask me all the questions you want & tell me about you two!

My formulas start ar 2200 euros.

Say HELLO to get some more information about pricing, etc. 

Booking for 2023 will start in May 2022.

The travel has always been my huge passion which keeps growing.

Discover, explore, share & capture

- this is what makes me vibrate the most!

If the place of your wedding or elopement is on that list, Don't hesitate to contact me!

If I'm available on indicated date, i photograph your wedding for free (just accommodation & travel costs at your charge)

& I'll follow you at the end of the world!

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