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Photo: Paulina Jurewicz





Photo: Paulina Jurewicz

Why did I chose photography?

Photography is for me a sort of investment in the days to come.

For life.

It's an heritage that we will transmit to our children.

Observe, share & relive the moments.

Revive them.

Inhale one more time the smell & the ambiance.

This is my "why".

Those ephemeral moments when we shed a tear during the first look discovering the other just before the ceremony... When the two families meet for the very first time falling into the arms of each other... And all these laughs and tears during our friends' speeches, friends who came from the other end of the world to celebrate our special day with us...

This is what I love the most about my job,

capturing all these small moments which create enormous emotions. 

I put my whole heart into every photo session & every wedding as well.

I'm deeply persuaded that the most beautiful images are made while both sides,

me & you,

share the same vision and the same passion

about creating something meaningful & powerful.

Because we create together.

I don't want to be a just a simple vendor.

I want to be the person who is an integral part of your day. The person that you can fully count on.

I help you to choose the best moments for the couple shots, I guide you in the light setting, decoration and the other small details.

Because the details tell who you are,  those will make the wedding look like you and feel like you.

First & foremost,

I love photographing elopements,

intimate weddings,

adventurous couples

& nature lovers.

Freeze the beauty of the moment,

a gesture,

a look,

a kiss,

a laugh,

is something that makes my photographer heart & eye vibrate.

Capturing those moments when you hug each other when nobody is watching, when you brush away a curl of hair from the other's face...

Because you know what?

The most ordinary everyday life things are the most inspiring & the most beautiful to photograph.

I never judge anyone.

I'm here to bring out the best of you and tell your story.

What do i want to do in my life?

Photo: Lionel Pesqué


I'm 33 & I left my home country, Poland,when I was 19 to start a new life & study art in Paris.


Image became an integral part of my life ever since.

Photo: Paulina Jurewicz

I started photographing weddings of my relatives when I was 26 and I instantly fell in love with the wedding photography.

What I really love about it is the connexion between me & the people I photograph.

I turned my passion into my job 5 years ago.

I love...

finding treasures with my daughter & heart shaped stones.

taking my time in the morning,tumbling on the bed with her, making her breakfast.

Starting my day with a cup of good tea.

trying a new cooking recipe with my man.

looking at the sun rising.

Improvising photo sessions with my relatives.

hiking in the mountains, walking on the beach,

jumping into the rivers and lakes.

Observing birds.

Making fire.

Tasting wine.

Driving through the mountains with my windows open & music blasting.

When I put my camera away, I want my 2 year old daughter, Armelle, to discover the world.

She's become my biggest inspiration & fills the biggest part of my hard drive as well.

Photo: Celine Deligey

I want to teach her my native language, Polish.

Watching her growing and learning two languages simultaneously is probably one of the most beautiful things I can experience in this life.

Photo: Celine Deligey

Photo: Celine Deligey

Photo: Pierre Jullien

In 2017, i joined the bride club.

We exchanged our vows with my man, Pierre, under the rain (not a very light day...) on the dunes of keremma in Brittany.

Photo: Ewelina Zieba

We share the same passion for travels, nature, cooking, music et many more...





If I am where I am today, it's thanks to his love, support and understanding. 

Photo: Ewelina Zieba

Photo: Ewelina Zieba

Photo: Pierre Jullien

I want to respect people and nature.

I'm deeply persuaded that both can live together.

I want to give my all, always.

Into everything I do...

It's something my mother taugt me "Do it correctly & with your heart or don't do it at all."


This sentence stood out in my mind ever since.

I want to find beauty in morning mists,

in winter colds,

and rainy sundays. 

I want to develop my style and to preserve the essence:









I want to enjoy every single moment of everyday life and never get bored or overlook...

I want to keep a journal where I tell stories from my daughter's life so she can relive everything when she will be an adult.

I want to step out of my comfort zone.

I love to share motivation & encourage other people to do the same.


The taste of solitude, nostalgia, sadness or joy, everything is beautiful to experience.

Every emotion has its own shape & vibration.

I want to reveal the beauty & the potential of every person I photograph.

I want to understand what people can feel.

I want to put myself in someone else's shoes.

I want to welcome people

with smiles & goodwill,

so they can feel at ease & confident in my compagny.

I want to take my decisions with courage, following my intuition, with an hint of craziness... 

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